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Paw Print City Times is the place I express the range of issues I find in our relationships with the rest of the earthlings with whom we share the planet. Of particular focus is the nature of the human-animal relationship in the California Central Valley, as I've spent the whole of my life at one end of this valley or the other, always intertwined with our four-legged friends.

I'm always interested in hearing the opinions of others regarding animal welfare, life with pets or the challenges we face in working toward a day when every pet has a forever home.

Come. Stay. Share.

About Paw Print City Times Host, Vicky Thrasher

I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, having had few moments in my life when I did not have at least one pet. At the age of fourteen I was fortunate enough to intern at a veterinary hospital in my home town, which only helped further inspire me.

Through the decades that followed I’ve had many experiences with the four-legged, including managing a boarding kennel, pet stores, and a veterinary hospital; I’ve worked in a boutique gift store for pet lovers and owned a pet sitting service. I maintain a personal library of over 150 pet and pet-related books, and have served on boards for nonprofit animal organizations.

Since moving to the south end of the Central Valley of California, I’ve continued to indulge my passion through my “Dear Daphne” column, which ran in The Northwest Voice newspaper, and my “Paw Print City” column in The Bakersfield Voice. I began Paw Print City Times as a way to further reach out and connect with fellow individuals who are interested in pets and companion animal issues.

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