Thursday, June 5, 2008

Volunteer --- or not welcome?

So, after our little group went to the effort of staging a get-together on our own time, filled out our little apps, checked back in with KCAC and attended an orientation meeting…nothing.

I started checking around today and not one person who has responded back to me has heard diddly about the next phase of their “training” to be a volunteer with Kern County Animal Control. One person is even starting to surmise that they don’t want us there, lest perhaps we gum up the works somehow (or see and/or hear things they’d rather not have us hear).

I’m choosing, for now, to believe that with all of the hoopla the recent UC Davis report generated, maybe their hands are a little full and we’re being benignly neglected. After all, it was a pretty damning indictment of almost every aspect of the shelter. Really --- give it a read.

Given that, I’ll waituntil the end of the week before I start tapping on the door.

Who would have thought it would be so hard to lend a hand to a group of people who desperately need it?


Anonymous said...

Animal Control in Kern County is a mighty boulder to move. Even a lawsuit has failed to move Kern County government to real action and monetary support. Thanks for your efforts!
Adam Payne and his buddy Ginkus Plinkus

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

Pretty clear to all that the KCAC does not want anyone in on their covert operations. But they do want our money -- just don't want us to see how they are spending it. ;o)-

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to give up and go away. I am a firm believer that if the front door is locked, I'll find a back door or window to enter. We must somehow make them understand that our purpose is not to fault them, but to help the animals.


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