Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Year's wish for animals

May the lost dog find
his way back home
to his worried family,
because his tags and collar
stated where he ought to be.

May the old cat left
out on the street
discover a new friend
who'll take her in and keep her
until her natural end.

May the dog who's spent
most of his life
tied outside on a chain
receive the gift of freedom,
and ne'er be staked again.

May the mother pets
who've lived their lives
having litters without end
be altered, thusly saving them
from breeding yet again.

May the wildest of creatures
be shot through camera lens,
made immortal in a
as the trophy hunt doth ends.

May the animals
who find themselves
battered and ill-used
find safety and security
and ne'er again abused.

And may people
in their busy lives
stop and look around
and take notice of the wordless ones
just waiting to be found.

And rather than just
moving on
about their busy day,
may people choose to stop instead
and help them on their way.

For we are all they have,
you see,
and each small thing we do
in bringing comfort to their lives
makes our lives better, too.

So when you step
outside your home
remember they are there
awaiting a kind act from you
to let them know you care.

For when we join together
these wishes may come true
and bring about a better world
for them,
and me,
and you...


Vicky Thrasher

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