Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sports Illustrated features Bad Newz Pit Bull update

The Dec. 29, 2008, issue of Sports Illustrated features a cover shot of Jasmine, one of the 47 pit bulls who were rescued in the aftermath of the Michael Vick dogfighting conviction, as well as one of the best articles written on behalf of one of the most-maligned breeds of dog ever to be domesticated by man.

Jim Gorant goes well past all the sensationalizing of the Vick story to the heart of these dogs. That the story appears in Sports Illustrated, a venue liable to reach large numbers of people who have misgivings about the breed, does much more to bring to light the true nature of pitties than were it instead published in a more "pet-related" vehicle.

I may need to purchase this issue as a keepsake.

To read the article for yourself, head here.

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