Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Note for Elizabeth Hess

Dear Ms. Hess,

Nothing in my world was more exciting (and less expected) yesterday than to have you comment on my post about Nim Chimpsky. Would I have thought that in a million years you would have read my comments regarding the book I would have laced my post with the dozen or so questions I was dying to ask at the book's conclusion.

Now, on the even-more-incredibly-off-chance that you might see this post as well, and would be so kind as to reply, the one thing I would most love to know is how it was that you decided to write about Nim at all. You mentioned in your comment that so much about his life was hidden, so I can only imagine the enormous effort it took to gather all of the material to go forth on a project such as this. Of all the subjects in the world to choose from, why this one? What was it about Nim that made you compelled to spend years recreating his life?

Vicky Thrasher

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Elizabeth Hess said...

I wanted to write a biography of an animal.I knew it would be a challenge. I began by researching different species, but when I first heard about Project Nim, through a friend, I couldn't stop thinking about the chimp. I had met a few people who knew Nim--but none of them knew what had happened to him. I thought that was very strange, given how much they claimed to adore him. When I started digging, I realized no one had ever tracked Nim's whole life story--and it is still a story that speaks for many captive chimps.
Happy to meet you on your blog!


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