Sunday, May 10, 2009

How about a few less moms next year

On Mother's Day, I think it's only to fitting to make a wish for fewer moms next year.

A wish for a smaller number of people who think it's important for Fluffy to have "at least" one litter. Or believe that their pet is so much more special than all of the animals currently waiting at the shelter to be adopted that of course they need to breed her, because people are always telling them how much they'd like to have one "just like her".

I wait for the day that there is no longer any profit to be made in housing moms in crates stacked one on top of the other, small, dirty and dark, and asking them to be moms again and again and again, because there are no pet stores interested in selling their offspring, and people have figured out that Internet sites can have photos on them that bear no relation to a pet's true history and reject the photos for real, live pets waiting at the shelter for a chance to have a forever home.

Yes, I'd like fewer mothers next year. Fewer animals that are bred until they are bred out, only to be dumped at the nearest pound (or worse) never knowing the comfort and love of people. Fewer moms who are dropped on the side of the road because their owners didn't want any more kittens, but couldn't manage to get her spayed before she became pregnant, again.

What a great Mother's Day gift that would be.

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