Sunday, July 5, 2009

Would a commercial like this work in Bakersfield?

In reading the latest issue of Animal Sheltering, I came across a story about efforts to increase the spaying and neutering of pets in the Gulf Coast area. One marketing idea that had a great response was a new approach to reaching residents about the importance of spay/neuter. After doing some research, the HSUS found that many of the commercials they thought were impactful were not. Below is the commercial that came out of their research. Do you think a commercial like this, filmed with local animal control workers, would reach this community?

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Leah Friesen said...

No, I don't think this would work. You either are a responsible pet owner or not. I believe that if there was a law requiring people to spay/neuter their animals there would still be people who disobey the law.


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