Monday, September 7, 2009

New natural treat for dogs

I'm a pretty simple person when it comes to treats for my pets. I like buying them snackables that have easily identified ingredients that are healthy and appealing. I may be willing to stuff myself with highly-processed, chemically-preserved snacks when the mood suits me, but since the critters can't make their own shopping choices, I take my job as guardian of their health quite seriously. That's why I'm thrilled to have found a new treat for the dog, DogNip! Catch of the Day.

DogNip! Catch of the Day is produced by the folks of The Original Free Range Dog Chews. They have created a line of dog treats based on dehydrating products that have as few ingredients as possible to a shelf-stable level, keeping the treats in as close to a natural state as possible. For a no-funky-ingredients-I-can't-pronounce girl like me, I was hooked.

Darby tried the "Skin and Bones" variety, made from wild caught salmon skin that is stuffed with salmon and sweet potato, shaped into dog bone shapes and dehydrated. That's it --- just two ingredients. Being the big fish junkie he is, I figured I'd know within seconds whether it measured up to his overly-spoiled palate.

It didn't take that long. Just a whiff of the strong fish aroma emanating from the bag as I cut it open had his full attention. Darby took his offering and headed for a quiet spot. Since most of his treats are of the one-bite variety, he rarely needs to settle in enjoy a handout, but the size of these treats dictated at least two or three chomps. He was a happy camper with his treat and I am a happy critter-mom for having another pet treat option.

The Original Free Range Dog Chews folks don't sell directly to customers, but their full line of products can be found at one of my very favorite online stores, If you're like me and like feeding your dog healthy, wholesome treats, give them a try. Your dog may get hooked!

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