Thursday, January 14, 2010

New low-cost spay/neuter program for Pitties in Bakersfield: Fix Your Pit program

Some people, when faced with situations they find untenable, throw their hands in the air and wonder when things might change. Others, like Joann Davies Keller and her husband, Larry, decide to take matters into their own hands.

Seeing the seemingly unending number of pit bulls being euthanized in our shelters, the Kellers, owners of Fortress Self Storage, decided to try and take matters into their own hands. Said Joann, “We want to make a difference and believe the only solution to reduce the number of dogs euthanized at shelters and animal control facilities is through affordable spay/neuter programs.”

Working with Alpha Canine and AngelDogs Foundation, the Kellers are offering the Fix Your Pit program, where people can have their pit bulls spayed or neutered for only $40. The program is simple. Interested individuals go to Fortress Self Storage, at 3813 Mesa Grande, Bakersfield, and prepay $40 (cash only) for a voucher for the spay or neuter, a rabies vaccination and a microchip. The person in receipt of the voucher then calls AngelDogs Foundation toll-free at (888) 504-7729 or goes to their web site, and schedules the appointment for the surgery. On surgery day, take the dog and the voucher to AngelDogs Foundation’s Mobile Clinic for his or her appointment and, presto, one less pit bull breeding puppies in Bakersfield.

AngelDogs Foundation will bill Fortress Self Storage for the cost of the procedure ($110) for each voucher redeemed. At this time there are no income restrictions and the Kellers have not set a limit on the number of pit bulls they are willing to underwrite. To help fund the program, Fortress Self Storage is donating 25 percent of all new space rentals to the Fix Your Pit program.
Fortress is also issuing a challenge to other local business owners to sponsor the breed of their choice in the same or a similar spay/neuter program. “Bakersfield is a very giving community and we know there are a lot of people and businesses that have a breed that is special to them.” Joann continued, “To help others get their program going, we are offering to handle the management of the program at no cost.”

“We would like to see this program grow so AngelDogs Foundation can not only continue to come to Bakersfield, but come more often.”

For more information about the Fix Your Pit program call Fortress Self Storage at (661) 831-0923.

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