Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pet Nutrition workshop coming to Bakersfield

Self Serve Pet Spa is hosting a pet nutrition workshop in Bakersfield on May 16. The featured speaker is Sabine Contreras, a self-described Canine Care & Nutrition Consultant and host of The Dog Food Project. The workshop will feature topics including learning to read pet food labels, supplementation, feeding for special needs pets and a question and answer session.

I'm fascinated to see how this workshop works out. In the time I've been in Kern County there have been few seminars offered specifically for pet owners. We've had a few folks come through like Bill Bruce, who spoke to the Animal Control Commission regarding the success of Calgary's pet overpopulation issues, but for the most part there aren't many open-to-the-public speaking engagements where pet owners can get information that's relevant to their daily lives.

Should this prove to be a success it could mark the beginning of a whole host of educational topics that can be brought to the pet-owning residents of Kern County. I'd love to see seminars on everything from pet acupuncture to disaster preparedness to rethinking vaccination schedules --- and everything in between. This city should be more than large enough to host events of interest to pet owners. Pet Nutrition is a great place to start.

Space is limited at the Pet Nutrition workshop, so if you're interested you need to sign up soon. Head over to Self Serve Pet Spa for details. Let's get this event sold out soon!

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