Sunday, May 9, 2010

To the critter moms

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are critter moms. You know who you are.

The mom who had no intention of becoming one, but couldn’t walk/drive past that kitten/puppy/cat/dog on the side of the road, and took it into their home and heart.

The mom who yearned for a fur-kid of her own and adopted one who desperately needed a loving home, and spent the time and money necessary to make sure their physical, mental and emotional needs were met.

For the mom who took one the special needs pet and was willing to make the necessary adjustments to give that pet the best life possible.

To all the moms who cancelled plans at the last minute to make the short-notice run to the vet, because their pet needed immediate care.

And let’s hear it for the moms who engage in the doubly-selfless act of fostering the very young and injured until they are ready to find their forever home --- and for letting them go when they do, only to bring in another and repeat the process.

There are those who say fur-moms aren’t the same as real moms, and while that may be true in the strictest sense of the word, it does not nullify the love, commitment and care you have given to the kids who walk on all fours.

Here’s to you, critter-moms, for having hearts big enough to mother those who will never send flowers or bring you breakfast in bed, but loving them all the same.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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