Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jack Palance giclee to be sold to help dogs

I received this email from Chelley Kitzmiller, of Have-A-Heart Humane Society and want to pass it on as quickly as I can. If you are interested, or know someone who may be, please share.

Have-A-Heart Humane Society is selling a signed and embellished Jack Palance giclee to benefit two stray Tehachapi dogs who have been badly injured and are undergoing treatment at Tehachapi Vet Hospital . The giclee was a gift to Chelley and Ted Kitzmiller, the directors of Have-A-Heart, and is signed on the front and on the back of the canvas in Jack’s flamboyant hand. Before gifting the giclee, Jack repainted some of the areas on the canvas that he felt still needed a little something more. 

100% of the funds raised from the sale of the giclee—best offer over $400—will be put on the vet account by the buyer. The first dog is Mimi, a 3lb Chihuahua , whose eye was badly injured and needs surgery to remove it. Mimi’s blood work shows her to be suffering from anemia, so she will have to be on medication for a couple of weeks until she is strong enough to undergo surgery. 

Faith, a once beautiful Cocker Spaniel, was mauled by her kennel mates. Faith has numerous large wounds which show raw muscle. She, too, is on medication but will heal in time.

Both dogs need foster homes to help them through their recovery or permanent loving, safe homes. 

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. The receptionists at Tehachapi Vet Hospital (661-822-6731) will be happy to accept your donation and put it on the Have-A-Heart account to pay for these dogs, or you may drop a coin or two in our donation boxes at Radio Shack, Books & Crannies, It Makes Scents, Don Perico’s or Tehachapi Vet Hospital, (all located in Tehachapi). 

If you are interested in fostering or adopting either or these dogs, please call Chelley at 661-823-7649.

(note: I have photos of the dogs mentioned in this piece. If anyone is interested in viewing, get in touch with me and I will forward them to you. I felt they were a little graphic for the site.) 

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