Saturday, October 30, 2010

Imperial Scratch ‘n Shapes product review

In a world where I receive few goodies that are cat-related to review, I was thrilled when I got this coolio cat scratcher from Imperial Cat to check out.
I’ve been a giant fan of cardboard cat scratchers for years now, so seeing Imperial Cat come up with one that is large enough for my Bad Kitty Bo to anchor with his ample rump while scratching the other end is a huge improvement on the previous versions I’ve brought into the house. Our “usual” scratcher tends to get pulled off of the floor with one paw while Bo’s trying in vain to push it away with his other feet while getting his scratch on. The larger size of these scratchers solves that problem completely.
I also very much appreciate that Imperial Cat packages organic catnip along with the scratcher. The ‘nip smelled fresh and had a great texture to it, unlike some of the “catnip included” items I’ve purchased in the past where you get a teeny bag of what resembles the leftover ground-up catnip that got swept up at the end of the day. The bag that came along with this product provides enough catnip that there is plenty left over to refresh the aroma as the weeks go by.

Although I think that the resident fur sacks would have discovered this piece on their own, allowing them the instant reward of a little nip action gave them added incentive to thoroughly check out the new toy. Weebs, naturally, spent a great deal of her time rubbing against the edges in a vain attempt to claim the piece as hers before Bad Kitty Bo came along to rest his lovely body upon his newest prize.

These scratchers come in a whole host of shapes and sizes, with some of them including tunnels and hidey-holes to increase their value, particularly in multi-cat household. Take a peek at this giant piece of scratchy-goodness that I’d love to get my hands on someday!

I found the price range for these scratchers to be pretty reasonable for the quality, with several ranging from $17 - $30 range. All of these products are made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled themselves when they need to be replaced, which makes my tree-hugging heart happy.

I’m happy to recommend Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes to my feline-owning friends.

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