Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lest you think I only care about the cute ones…

I’m glad to see that there is enough interest in the state of the animals we use for food that the Prevention of Farm Cruelty Act has made it to the California ballot this fall.

We have the opportunity to make the standards in which we keep food animals just a little bit better with the passage of this measure. It seems to me that it’s the least we can do. Several states have already banned some, if not all, of these cages and crates in their food production, and the European Union is phasing out all of these

How anyone can view the videos posted on the web site and not feel moved to act is beyond me. Some things are simply wrong, and when we have it in our power to make it right, we should.

Support the Prevention of Farm Cruelty Act on the California ballot this November.

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