Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ca State Senator Dean Florez Introduces SB250

Today, on Spay Day USA, California Senator Dean Florez introduced SB250, the Pet Responsibility Act. This bill simply states that people who choose not to spay or neuter their pets obtain a license for their intact animal.

If you spend any real time on their web site, Yes on SB250, and watch a few of the videos, how can you not support a cause that is so very needed in California?

It is time for us to take a long, hard look at ourselves as a society and ask what the hell are we doing killing all of these companion animals? We did this. We domesticated these creatures to serve our needs, our wants. Yet we as a society choose every day to turn a blind eye to the consequences of our actions. It's time to stand up and do whatever we can to reduce the number of homeless animals being euthanized.

Support SB250. Tell your elected officials that euthanizing homeless animals is not something you want to continue to spend your tax dollars to support. It's time to take a stand. Let's stand together on SB250.


Anonymous said...

As well-intentioned as this bill is, it is still not using the right path to achieve it's goals. As we said in the battle with AB 1634-Mandatory Spay/Neueter is NOT the way to go about fixing our pet overpopulation problem. AKC and other clubs, through PUBLIC EDUCATION, Euthanasia rates and shelter rates went down drastically.
I think we are all working for the same goal [[unless we're counting PETA & HSUS in this "we"]], but I think we need to choose a better vehicle with which to obtain it.

Paw Print City said...

I'd love more information on where, exactly, public education brought down euthanasia rates. Even Nathan Winograd enthusiastically advocates for spay/neuter and cites its importance in reducing pet overpopulation issues.

Anonymous said...

Just another attempt to legislate responsible pet ownership, by mandating an unnecessary medical procedure that causes health problems.

Paw Print City said...

I disagree. SB250 clearly states that people have a choice, and one can choose to leave their pets intact. All you have to do is purchase an intact animal license. If you have a better idea on how to reduce the number of homeless animals in California, I'm all ears...

Anonymous said...

Under SB 250, a citizen can be permanently denied the right
to ever own an intact dog or cat if any ONE of the following things happens:

1) a meter reader, yard service worker, friend, neighbor, child, or anyone else leaves your door or gate open, your dog leaves your property, and is picked up as a stray.

2) you are walking your dog on leash and are cited for having a leash that is too long as specified in municipal code.

3) you are training your search-and-rescue dog, herding dog, obedience competition dog, hunting dog, agility dog, or any other dog
off leash and are cited for it.

4) you are cited for having an unlicensed dog.

5) your dog is licensed but you are cited for not having a license tag on your dog’s collar.

6) you are cited for exceeding the maximum number of dogs or cats allowed in your home as specified by your city or county code (often
limited to 2 to 4)

7) you are cited for your dog’s barking.

8) you fail to notice that your dog defecated on city property and are cited for it.

9) you are cited for any other minor animal control violation.

All of the above are violations of local ordinances and already have appropriate fines associated with them.

Government-mandated forced sterilization of every dog and
cat a person ever owns now and in the future is a grossly
inappropriate penalty.

SB 250 is the equivalent of permanently banning a person
from ever registering a vehicle again because they are caught with a broken tail lamp.

There are NO exemptions in SB 250 for search-and-rescue dogs, police dogs, detection dogs, ranch or farm dogs, guide dogs, service
dogs, or any other working dogs.

There are NO exemptions in SB 250 for dogs owned by responsible breeders.

Please take the time to thoroughly read this legislation and ask the approriate questions. It is poorly written and does not take into account those of us who are responsible dog owners.

This bill goe to the floor for a vote again today! Please take action NOW to stop SB 250 as it is currently written.


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