Sunday, June 7, 2009 supports animal cruelty?

Jean-Pierre Ruiz of has published a three-part series regarding several publications sold by that promote or support cockfighting. Ruiz asserts that selling publications that promote cockfighting is tantamount to supporting animal cruelty, as Amazon clearly is earning some sort of profit from their sale.

I did a quick search after reading these articles on's site, placing the word "gamecock" in the search engine. One quick look and not only will you be able to purchase products related to cockfighting, but on "The Art of Cockfighting" product info section you'll get a "sponsored link" to a DVD "that takes you deep into this bloodsport," offering an hour of "raw footage".

A quick search of the term "pit bull" also brought up a number of products I might deem questionable, in terms of judgment. There are a number of "historical" items detailing dogfighting methods and training.

Yeah, I know it's their right to sell these items, but also has the right not to.

Is it a free speech issue, or a profit, regardless of means, issue?

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