Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SB 250 Passes CA Senate

SB 250, the Pet Responsibility Act has passed in the Senate by a 21-16 vote. Senator Dean Florez' bill now moves to the California State Assembly for consideration.

Read the statement regarding the Senate vote by clicking here.

For more on SB 250, click here.


Anonymous said...

This is horrible news!

What is a "custodian" or guardian of an animal?

Does this mean that good samaritans who feed homeless animals are now legally responsible to spay or neuter animals ?

This is not about saving animals-it's intent is to kill animals

Anonymous said...

In most if not all cities/towns in California there is already a higher fee for non spayed/nuetered dogs. What is the determination of a "Working" dog ? What about pure breed show dogs and competition dogs - hearding, field, hunting, agility..etc SB 250 taxes responisble breeders and does nothing to stop back yard/commodity breeders and the dog fighting breeders. California is clearly anti dog... time to move out


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