Sunday, October 4, 2009

Buckarooz chews: Another great, natural product

Having been quite pleased with the DogNip! Catch of the Day treats I got from The Original Free Range Dog Chews Company, I decided to give another product of their a try. This time I went for their Buckarooz chews and invited a few of Darby’s friends to check them out as well.

Buckarooz chews are such a smart, simple chew that I wonder why it took so long for something like this to enter the marketplace. What are these pieces of dog chew goodness? Antler segments. Deer antlers, to be precise. Deer naturally shed their antlers each season, leaving behind the makings of a perfectly good, animal-friendly, all-natural chew for dogs (after a little trimming).

But would dogs, especially my picky little Darby, go for an antler piece as a chew?

Absolutely!! Darby LOVED his Buckarooz chew, giving it the two-paws-up signal when he brought it to bed with him on the first night.

Ravioli, one of our other tester dogs, loved it on first bite as well, happily giving his young jaw a good workout. Shiloh, a 90 pound sweetheart of a dog, also thought her Buckarooz was the bee’s knees.

What’s not to love? A natural product, made here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., that makes dogs happy and let’s dog owners feel good about the products they are giving their canine companions. They come in various sizes, so dogs of all breeds can enjoy their tasty, natural goodness.

To find Buckarooz for your pup, try

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