Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pet Industry trade magazine spotlights Kern's pet ordinance hearings

Pet Product News, a National Trade Publication for pet stores has an article on their website about the workshops regarding the proposed changes in fees for households having more than 10 cats or dogs.

Jeepers --- this is really worthy of national attention? Are breeding facilities so afraid of licensing and care standards that they need to monitor every possible ordinance? Perhaps. But what really bothers me about a piece like this is the lack of context, which in this case would be the numbers of animals impounded in the Kern County Animal shelters (with the notation that the county won't pick up a cat, dead or alive, so whatever numbers they have on that subject aren't representative), the adoption rate and the euthanasia rate.

Just for kicks, maybe they can contrast that with the number of puppies and kittens for sale/free in the paper and online.

Then talk to me...

Kern County Sets Public Hearings on Changes to Animal Control Regulations

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