Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to real life...

Well, my first day back to work didn’t end up being nearly as traumatic as my 3 a.m. thoughts made it out to be. One of the advantages of a new year is that everyone coming into the office seems to be a bit more hopeful, thoughtful and generally better of spirit.

Unlike many other working pet owners, I have the good fortune to have my husband at home, so although I’m booking out the door at you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me-a.m., their needy, whiny little selves still have someone to cater to their whims.

Speaking of whims, I managed to get a little video footage of one of my own engaged in her newest annoyance…er, discovery. If I can get it edited and possibly lightened up a wee bit I’ll pop it on here for giggles, which will mostly be induced by my incredibly poor video skills, but I’ve got to practice on someone, right?


Caren Gittleman said...

you can practice on me anytime! I am sure my video skills (or the lack thereof) are waaaaay worse than yours!

Glad your first day back wasn't as bad as you thought it would be!

The Joke Puppy said...

Hi Vicky,
Saw you on the BlogHop & decided to stop by for a visit. My Dad is semi-retired so he did not have to go to work today, but I imagine that it was hard for you to go back after the Holidays. Anyway, I hope you and fanmily have a safe and blessed 2011. Come by and see me, and maybe even send a photo to me , along with your fav joke, so we can feature you as a guest star in a Joke Puppy video.

Kristine said...

Your blog is so pretty!

LOL. I get up at five-thirty so I have time to walk my hyper-active dog for at least an hour before I go to work. And then I come home and walk her for another hour. In the dark. The man works longer hours than I do so the job usually falls to me, except on weekends when he often will let me sleep in on Sundays. It's a crazy schedule and yet, I wouldn't have it any other way. Unless, of course, I didn't have to work any more. That would be nice.

Can't wait for the video! It can't be any worse than mine.

Kristine said...

Your blog is so pretty! I love it. I really need to design my own space one of these days.

Because my husband works longer hours than I do, the dog walking usually falls to me. I don't mind but it would be nice to sleep in every once in awhile. Five thirty comes way too early.

Can't wait to see the video! It can't be any worse than mine!

Vicky said...

O.K., let's get clear about video skills are nil. I shot some footage on my phone and have to figure out what to do next, which is the horror you all will be subjected to :) You've been kind thus far, so you give me hope, but don't expect greatness. At best it will be something I have after miss sassy pants goes to the other side.

Joke Puppy, I'll see what I can do to send something your way. Might not be until the weekend since, as I mentioned, I'm a working girl.

Kristine, thanks for the kind words. Oh, and check my next post ;)


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