Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Post-Challenge Challenge

Yes, I’m behind by a day. Sorry about that, but between working and an evening commitment that went on far longer than it should have, I didn’t have enough time left to get back on the blog train and enthrall you with my Blog Challenge insights. Fear not, for even a day later I have something to say about it and am willing to share (lucky you).

When I logged on Monday morning and found myself in slot #27, I thought for sure that I was one of the last blogs on the list. Don’t ask me why --- even I don’t make any sense to me sometimes, especially when I’m trying to get something done before sunrise. I figured if it took me until 7 p.m. Sunday night to even decide to be a part of the Challenge, all of the other serious-type bloggers were already on board. Little-Miss-West-Coast-Late-Arriver would be left to help hold up the caboose, which is probably the best place for me since, if you know me, you know my caboose is more than up to the task. But I digress.

A quick check-in when I got to work showed that there were other peeps slowly adding their sites to the mix. I read a few posts from sites I was familiar with and settled in for the day. Seeing how introspective some of my fellow pet bloggers were when answering the questions posed by the Challenge I created a challenge of my own: I will read every single post on the subject of the Pet Blogger Challenge from every site that participated and leave a comment, even if it is just a simple “hello”. If bloggers took the time to answer the same eight questions I answered, the least I can do is be polite enough to read them.

For the record, that was a pretty easy promise to make to myself at 8 a.m., when there were maybe 42 blogs on the roster. I peeked in a lunch time and saw the number of participants had risen to 67. Still doable. Probably not all in one day, but still a perfectly reasonable number of places to drop by, do a little reading and leave a note of appreciation. I mean, that’s the whole point of indulging in exercises like the Challenge, isn’t it? The opportunity to meet new people and get exposure to new blogs you may have never seen before, right?

Well, it looks like I’ll be getting plenty of exposure in the near future. Last time I peeked at the link list there were over 90 blogs listed for the Challenge. I’m almost afraid to look again, for fear that there’s a trigger on it that drops in three more links every time I peek, but it doesn’t matter. I’m still going forth with my mission.

If I’m not posting something on here for the next or day or two, you know where to find me. I’ll be at your place. It may take me the rest of the week to wend my way through the balance of the sites (I did say part of the deal is to read the answers on every site that participated), but I’ll get there.

Keep a light on for me ;)


Snoopy and Annette said...

Hey Vicky,

It's true you did at least stop by to say hello to me, which is great as I hadn't met you before......:)

I'm West coast and by the time I added myself to the list you'd just got on, I'm number 28 - like you I thought I was last, so I also couldn't believe there were 90 other blogs in this challenge.....

It's so cool that I can meet so many other pet bloggers, I think it will take me all week to get round them too, in between taking mum out for walks.....what better way to spend the rest of the week though?

Love your blog colour scheme by the way,

Your new friend,

Snoopy :)

Lavi said...

Wow, you put me to shame... I haven't had time to go through even a part of that list. But I must say thanks for doing that, since you also found my little corner of the world.

Kristine said...

Good for you! It is an awesome challenge all on it's own. I have been trying to do this as well, maybe not ALL, but most. However, time is not on my side. I may get too all 59687 by next week. Maybe. But by then I doubt anyone will care. Oh well, I will try anyway!

Kenzo said...

Fun post! Don't worry, they closed the list now :)
Ever heard of the Saturday Pet Blog Hopper? they do it all over again ... every saturday :)

Vicky said...

Snoopy is so freakin' cute I couldn't help but to hang out for a bit.

Lavi, I've been known to be a bit impulsive with things like this, but since I made the commitment I plan to see it through. I'm hoping to be done before the Saturday Hop, even if I lose a little sleep over it.

Kristine, like I said above, it was an impulsive self-challenge. Had I known the list would get so large I might have rethought it, but I'm in too deep now :)

Kenzo, I'm usually on the Blog Hop, if for no other reason than it forces me to try and post something decent once a week. Hope to see you there!

pattib said...

You are certainly ambitious! I appreciate you taking the time to read, and post a comment! Thanks!

Vicky said...

pattib, I think I'll only do this once in my life, but it's proven to be more fun and more enlightening than I could have imagined.

georgia little pea said...

hi vicky, thanks for droppping by! i read your Challenge post but though i might as well comment here on your newest!

from the blogs i've been visiting since, i think you're not alone. it seems many of us are just as excited, amazed, and EXHAUSTED by the experience! like you, i had a bit of a heart attack when i saw how many posts were on the linky link! i'm allowing myself just 5 to read a day because any more, my other half won't be my other half. thank god the linky link is closed!

i hope to meet you here, or there, again soon. until then...onward HO! :)

Pamela said...

Well I'm glad you stopped by Something Wagging. I'm trying to meet the same challenge you set for yourself.
And, of course, I'm not neglecting the blogs in my reader who didn't participate. (sigh!)

Shawn Finch, DVM said...

Vicky, you are awesome! I just READ all the posts from this past Saturday Blog Hop (like you, promising myself as it started - not realizing how many pet blogging friends we actually have out there) and I found myself saying "Please close, Linky List!" I am GLAD there are so many - it was a fun project and I am SO GLAD I met you! I love your blog!

Rebecca Camarena said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but google didn't like me. Very nice blog.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Vicky,

Followed you back to tell you I've got my paws crossed for you! Gee my
Human Momma started tryin' to read 'em all, but decided she had to do some stuff besides just read...correction...I decided! She's enjoyin' the answers. I don't care as long as I'm sleepin'.

Hawk aka BrownDog

Vicky said...

georgia, seeing as how I still have twenty-plus blogs to go, this has been a challenge all its own. It would be cool if I was doing a fly-by, but I'm actually reading the responses, which takes more time than one might think.

Pamela --- Good luck! I'm hoping to be done just in time for the Saturday Hop!

Shawn, thanks so much for the kind words! I haven't tried to read everyone from the Saturday Hop yet...but this is close:)

Hawk, you get your beauty rest and let mom play on the keyboard. Chessies need extra nappies to keep their lovely fur so soft and wavy.

Caroline (Romeo and Pugsley) said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! I am so impressed you're working your way through the list. Obviously, lots of latecomers to the party. Maybe we need a pet blogger challenge WEEK? :)

Nice to meet you too!

Vicky said...

Caroline, next time this happens I think I'll just take the day off and move through as it happens. Sorry it took a while to get to you, but I'm glad I did :)

To Dog With Love said...

Wow! You must've made it through all of them, since I was one of the last!! Thanks for stopping by and I loved reading your answers too. Look forward to reading more of your posts!
Diane and Cosmo

E said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog but seriously, PPCT makes me feel like I walked in to a blogging wonderland! The colors, the content - I'm sooo glad I found you!

hornblower said...

Boohooo! Now I'm feeling unloved 'cause you haven't visited me yet! I'll be thinking when, oh when, will Vicky come over?
That's an incredible self-challenge. I'm taking a couple blogs a day at random from the list & checking them out. Yeah, that means it will take well over a month to do it :-)

Vicky said...

I actually did go to your blog, hornblower! I had a couple of blogs where I had commenting issues the other night --- yours may have been one of them, I'm not sure (I covered a lot of ground when the spouse was ill one night), but if you peek on there now you'll see my Doodlebug's puppy face :)


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