Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weebsclaw: The conclusion

When last we left our snickety girl, she was hobbled (well, not really --- that I would have noticed) by an ingrown dewclaw.

We got her to the vet accompanied by the oh-so-not-soothing soundtrack of her most passionate diva-wailing during the car ride. I don't know about your cats, but mine have a predisposition to yowl as though you're about to throw them down a well during the entire car ride, only to succumb to utter muteness once they cross the threshold of the veterinary office. As we waited for our room to open up, you'd have thought we came in alone. And yes, for the record, both the spouse and I go to vet appointments if possible. Just part of the beauty that makes us, us.

We got lucky and drew Dr. Holland for the day's event. I have yet to get overly excited or gushy about most of the vets I've encountered since moving here eight years ago, but in this case I think we got exactly the right guy. Friendly, polite, and quick with a hemostat, Dr. Holland was able to pop out the chunk of claw with one good tug.

It was a pretty decent-sized piece, which made me even happier that I didn't do it myself. I considered taking a picture for the blog, but then I'd have to explain to the doctor and the tech why I was taking the picture and I didn't want the "weirdo" moniker on my chart so soon after finding someone who was so nice to Weebs, so I opted out. I will say it was substantial enough that the doctor joked that we might be able to wear it on a chain around our neck, should we be inclined.

Once safely at home, Weebs decided that since she was feeling better, it was time to play up her injury for all it was worth. She begged for everything. Seriously. I think in another life she may have been one of those cats who lives behind restaurants eating out of dumpsters, because it's the rare piece of food that holds no interest for her. So, after good doses of Stella & Chewy's, freeze-dried salmon, crunchy treats and a shot at a piece of macaroni and cheese (where she finally decided to act cat-like and turn her nose up at something), she was sated. 


Gods Little People said...

Aww, dear Weebs... thank goodness that horrible thing is out. You go Weebs, make as much of it as you can! :-)

Vicky said...

She has worked it for all it's worth. We've decided to love her, anyway :)

Lori @ According to Gus said...

Why do these types of things always happen over the weekend?! Ugghh...I'm so glad Weebs is okay. You've had one too many trips to the vet lately!

P.S. I'm super impressed you were even able to clip the nail! I think I would have been too much of a wuss to do even that!


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