Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bakersfield pet overpopulation

There's no way of getting around it. Bakersfield (well, all of Kern County if I were to be truthful) is doing a simply dismal job of dealing with the overabundance of unwanted pets.

The Bakersfield Californian published an article recently decrying the absolute lack of progress on the part of local government to make any meaningful changes regarding the problem.

The County Board of Supervisors has ordered a study be done by the Kern County Animal Control Commission, due to the BOS by June 10.

But let's be real, here. The Animal Control Commission has had two years to come up with something, yet they haven't. The BOS has known about the problem for years, yet only seem to push when they feel the glare of angry pet lovers, upset because their Sunday morning was ruined by another front page where dead dogs are the main attraction.

Can anything actually get done?

Maybe, if the folks I've seen on the Californian blogs of late actually decide to get together and do something. So I'm asking, as nicely as I know how...if you are interested in doing something to be a part of the solution, let's hear from you. Let's get together and actually fight the good fight. It's been great to see that this time, unlike so many other times when the issue of pet overpopulation has been raised, there seem to be some folks out there willing to challenge the status quo.

I have ideas on how things might be able to change, but I honestly don't think I can do it alone. So if you're out there, and you're serious, let me know.

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