Monday, July 7, 2008

Back on the writing train

It appears that I’m once again in the writer’s chair. As a few of you may know, for a couple of years I was the author of the “Dear Daphne” column that appeared in the Northwest Voice (and occasionally the Southwest Voice).

I loved doing the column. In fact, with the exception of an occasional bout of writer’s block, which was always cured by talking to a few other critter people who came up with some creative topic ideas, it was easily one of my favorite “job duties”. I got to talk about pets and pet ownership, which is very dear to my heart, and I got to do some writing. I don’t consider myself to be the greatest thing since Stephen King or anything, but I do think there are times I can get on a roll and put something relatively meaningful down on paper. Were I to have a dream job, it would be to spend all of my time writing about pets and pet issues. Just like the other hundred thousand-plus pet bloggers out there.

As I assumed different duties within my company, my writing about pets kept getting pushed further and further in the back seat, until one day I had stopped completely.

But apparently the wheel of life continues to turn. I have a different position in my company, and today I was asked if I would start writing again. I’m embarrassed to say how much I enjoy the idea of putting together a pet column. I’ve made a few changes this time. I decided to write under my own name, rather than behind a pseudonym, regardless of how cute she is. And as future column topics arise I am committed to putting a bit more of myself out there as I talk about pets and our relationship with them as a whole.

I’m glad it happened, because I think in conjunction with the column this blog will also circle further around to what I had intended it to be when I first began. I got a bit wrapped up in some of the local politics as they related to pet ownership, and while I’m still firmly committed to improving the lives of pets in Kern County, that wasn’t really what this blog was supposed to be about. The resurrection of the pet column will help get me, and this blog, back where I wanted it to be in the first place.

I'm hoping you'll join me.

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