Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stem cell treatment for hip dysplasia

O.K., I admit it --- I was completely cooled-out by the recent Time magazine article that talked about the advances made in stem cell treatments for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia.

Having seen the agony that some dogs go through due to the condition, and the agony of pet owners who watch their beloved fur-kid break down before their eyes, this is one person who is hoping that this procedure produces the long-term results needed.

I also applaud Time’s efforts at bringing to light some of the more progressive treatments for pets that are available these days. Living in Bakersfield I certainly don’t see much “new age” veterinary medicine being practiced (and if someone knows differently, please let me know), but I worked alongside a veterinarian in Sacramento who practiced both Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and can tell you that there were dogs who definitely benefited. No question about it.

Anyone else who finds a cool pet medicine article, feel free to share.

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