Thursday, September 4, 2008

Greatest American Dog lost a viewer

I admit, I wanted to like the show, so I probably watched a little more than I would have if it had been any other theme, but my last viewing of this show came two weeks ago.

It wasn’t the fight that erupted between the judges (although that was not a pretty sight to anyone involved), and it wasn’t my increasing discomfort over some of the less than stellar techniques that were being employed by the contestants in the pursuit of winning the top prize.

It was the commercial for the next week’s episode. The commercial featured an elephant, and from the brief viewing we were provided, the elephant needed to be around the dogs, and vice versa. And yes, that’s what put me over the edge.

I am absolutely adamant about wild animals not being used for entertainment, particularly when asked to do something that is completely foreign to their nature, and I was appalled that a show which has marketed itself as being this big champion of the bond between people and their pets apparently believes only some animals are worthy of love, respect and kindness.

Elephants are complex, intelligent, amazing creatures. To see this show completely disregard that for the sake of ratings makes it clear that it’s not about caring about animals at all. At least, not animals outside of dogs.

I wanted to like the show, but there are some lines this girl won’t cross in the name of entertainment.

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