Thursday, September 4, 2008

Helping the helpless

I sent my poor husband on a rescue mission yesterday. A dog we had seen on our walk two days earlier, looking injured and thin, was still loose in the front yard of one of our neighbors 24 hours later, still wounded and still thin. He tried to hobble up to us as we walking our dog, looking for a little affection. My husband gave him a few of the treats in his pocket (which we were carrying to try and get closer to the kittens in our neighborhood who also appear homeless) and we finished our walk.

Once back at the house, neither of us felt good about the dog or his plight. Since I had to go to work, my husband volunteered to go back and get him and deliver him to animal control. Taking the dog to Kern County Animal Control was also not something we felt good about, but in our hearts we believe that it is better for him to receive the benefit of humane euthanasia than to die on the streets.

Anyway, amazingly enough, when my husband blogged about his rescue and his frustration with KCAC on someone actually said that if we weren’t planning to pay for the dog’s medical treatment and either keep the dog ourselves or foster him until we found him a good home that we should have just left him where he was, wounded and hungry on the side of the street. Seriously.

I still can’t believe it.

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