Friday, April 17, 2009

AB1122 - Sale of live animals at flea markets

Apparently I'm slowly becoming"she who tracks California legislation as it relates to companion animals." Or, perhaps the legislators of our state woke up this year and decided there are a host of pet issues that deserve to be heard in the Capitol.

In addition to the three-bill slate of Assemblymember Nava and the spay/neuter bill sponsored by Senator Dean Florez, we have AB1122, sponsored by Assemblymember Ted Lieu, which addresses the sale of live animals at swap meets, flea markets, parking lots, carnivals or boardwalks.

As hard as it is for me to believe that there are organized groups of pet enthusiasts who would oppose this legislation, it's true. Granted, from what little I've garnered from the Internet it appears the thrust of their opposition is based on their dislike of the HSUS and its sponsorship of the bill, rather than the merits of the bill itself.

For me, it's a no-brainer. This is a bill that deserves support. Find out the facts and read the bill for yourself by clicking here.

AB1122 is scheduled for a hearing/vote on April 21. To find out who your legislators are so you can express your support, go to Project Vote Smart and search for your representatives by zip code.

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Anonymous said...

when a proposed bill makes selling an animal illegal and "abuse" but if that same animal was displayed 10 feet in a different area, and that would be ok; if a "non" rescue displays a rehomed dog, it's illegal, but if a rescue (even with no tax exemption) shows an animal anywhere, it's ok; making a commercial transaction illegal due to location without any "abuse" is likely illegal. Rescues sell animals w/contracts;they file tax statements. Very unlikely that AB1122 (as written/amended) can pass muster. Appears illegal as written.


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