Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Animal Rescue Site

There are over 300,000,000 results that appear when you type the word "pet" into Google's search engine, so trying to sort the wheat from the chaff of pet sites can be difficult, especially if you're searching for pet-related items.

I love, love, love The Animal Rescue Site and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cool pet-type gift shop. I love that they have a running campaign where you can click a button on their site daily and their site sponsors will donate food to shelter animals. Better yet, they'll send you a daily email reminding you to do so. Open email, click the link, click the button and you're done.

I consider this site the high holy ground for all things paw print-related. There is no end to the number of items you can purchase that have paw prints on them, and when I'm cruising through their pages of gifty goodness I can easily find a couple dozen or so things that I would love to have for myself. It helps if you dig the color purple as much as I do, as it is more than well-represented on the site, but you will have a really tough time finding a greater array of items for the pet lover in your life. If that's not enough to get you on there, here's one more reason --- for every item purchased, there's an additional pet food donation. The amounts vary, based on the cost of the item you buy, but the quantity of food donated is clearly noted in the product description. And unlike a number of pet-themed gift sites, the percentage of unappealing, overly-cutesy items versus cool pet lover items is well in check.

One final nugget of good-karma-goodness --- the site is currently running a vote-in contest for shelters to win grants of up to $20,000. What's not to love?

Next time you're in the market for pet gifts that can't be found at your typical corner store, give The Animal Rescue Site a try. You'll be glad you did.

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