Friday, April 24, 2009

Dogs as a model for studying human behavior

Here's a fascinating story about a paper that contends that due to the length of time they've been an integral part of our lives, dogs, rather than chimps, are the best model for studying human behavior.

There's no denying our genetic link to chimpanzees and other apes, but when it comes to social behavior, lead author Jozsef Topal believes that dogs are far more closely intertwined with the social nuances that create the uniqueness of humans.

Check it out for yourself by clicking here.


Melissa said...

I also find this topic fascinating. While reading, Dominance & Delusion," by M.A.Curtis, I have been able to understand the history of Human Behavior, and how it relates more to animals. When viewed as an animal, and as part of the animal kingdom, some surprising conclusions are reached when the question is asked, “Why do we do the things we do?”

Paw Print City said...

I have many of the same thoughts through some of the reading I have done. Is Dominance & Delusion a book you recommend? I'm always looking for new insights about the nature of human-animal relations.

Melissa said...

I do recommend this book. Mostly because like you, I am also interested in human-animal behavior. And, I have to say that this is one of the first books to really change the way I think about it now.

Plus, in his quest for answers, author M.A.Curtis finds that many of us are biased in favor of the human animal.


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