Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bo turns 13

Bo's birthday snuck up on us before we knew it. Unlike the other three critters, Bo's birthday we know for a certainty ~~ February 5. He's now officially 13 years old, the longest I've ever had a pet in my life.

It's amazing to see how healthy and happy he looks. Since moving to our "new" house, he has once again gotten to go outside, even if it is only the backyard, only in the daytime. His days of stalking and catching (and more frequently than we'd have liked) rabbits on the riverbanks are long behind him. Doves meandering around the yard now serve more as performance art than dinner possibilities from the vantage of his favorite patio chair.

Bo is still awesomely beautiful and full of good grace, particularly when being fondled by strangers wishing to meet his acquaintance. And he retains his title of king-of-the-house-and-all-its-hairless-servants, unchallenged to this day. He casts a particular light in this home that can emitted by no other creature on this planet.

We are besotted with him and he, in turn, with us in his singular style.

Happy Birthday, King Putt.

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