Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fingers crossed

For the first time in the past several days we were able to both sleep through the night and wake up without having to grab the paper towels before our morning coffee to clean up the remnants of some bodily function expelled in the night. It appears the time-honored recipe of rice and baby food is beginning to work its magic in resetting Darby's delicate constitution.

Now part two of this episode beings. What exactly was it that we fed him that brought this on? It's a difficult question when we have three food staples that he typically eats (outside of his treats) and all are products that we've trusted for some time. My husband and I headed out to the feed store (because in Bakersfield, that's one of the few places where premium food can be found) to select some new treats and a couple of cans of new food. The plan is to try and mix a bit of the new food with some of his rice as an introductory measure. Of course, now the concern is that changing the food will bring digestive upset, much like the fear that giving him more of what we were already feeding him might incite a regression as well. It doesn't feel like we have much wiggle room right now. Guess right and we're on the road to wellness, guess wrong and the pup pays.

Fingers crossed that we guess right.

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