Friday, February 5, 2010

ChemNutra pair get probation

The couple who imported melamine-laced gluten from China for ChemNutra, resulting in the deaths of over 4,000 cats and dogs, per the FDA estimate, received probation and a fine $35,000.

Yeah, I know they didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but the Millers, through their lack of diligence, killed thousands of pets as they shipped their tainted gluten to manufacturers who eventually recalled approximately 150 brands of dog and cat food. Beloved, cherished pets who, in more than a few cases, meant the world to their owners.

$35K and probation sure doesn’t seem like much of a deterrent for companies to do what it takes to insure our pet’s food supply is safe, instead of doing what it takes to maximize profits.

Not much of a deterrent at all.

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