Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yep, they're digging it...

Darby doesn't hop onto his chair anymore, waiting to snub my goodbye kiss as I'm pressing to get out the door. He's figured out there's no reason to snub me, because I'm not going anywhere.

Weebs, too, has learned that her frantic scratches at the covers that used to occur approximately fifteen minutes before the alarm was scheduled to go off can wait until the sun has actually begun to rise. She's taken to spending more of her time out in the household with us, rather than sleeping away the day in the bedroom, waiting for me to return, as there's nowhere to return from.

Bad Kitty Bo is just happy to have another full-time servant, while Musette is far too polite to act as though she notices anything different at all.

Such is the nature of the household as I slip into week seven of unemployment. My worries for the future aside, the pets are undeniably pleased to have me home, particularly now that so much more cooking (and living) is taking place within the boundaries of their domain. They appreciate the extra cuddles in the morning, the extra hand to let them in and out of the back door, the extra voice saying, "Leave that alone!"

O.K., maybe not so much on that last one, but you get the drift.

I appreciate them being here for me, too. As much as I thought I knew, really knew, what it must be like for someone to be laid off from a job, there's nothing like firsthand experience to set your perspective straight. Having the critters be their usual pesty, dorky selves has proven to be immeasurably comforting, especially on those days when the world seems particularly cold. They pull me outside of myself when my wheels are  spinning a bit too long, reminding me there is still plenty in this world to laugh about --- and clean up after.

Though I'm unsure of what comes around the corner, I know wherever the path leads they'll remain steadfastly under my feet...or on my chair, or in the bathroom while I'm showering, or sniffing around the edges of my plate when my head's turned, or sucking out space on my pillow while I'm trying to sleep.

They're supportive like that.


meowmeowmans said...

I'm so very sorry to hear you're unemployed. We are purring and praying you find something very soon. In the meantime, we are incredibly thankful you have your furries to take care of you. They are amazing, aren't they?

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Guess y'all will just have to become a professional blogger so your crew can always have you "underfoot"...no we pawed ones are not underfoot...it's you paw challenged ones who are so clumsy!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Talking Dogs said...

Though having more time with fur friends could be a bit of a silver lining... being laid off is no picnic. Sincerely hope something fabulous comes your way!


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