Saturday, November 22, 2008

"All it was was dogs"

So goes the quote from Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, referring to imprisoned ex-QB Michael Vick. Porter went on to say other brilliant gems like, "They act like they don't even like pit bulls anyway. That's the funny thing about it if you want to get back on that topic. I got pit bulls, I got to put them under a different breed just to travel. So you can't even fly pit bulls nowhere.

"It's a breed they don't care about. It's not like he was fighting cocker spaniels or something that they like. They don't really care too much about pit bulls."

Funny thing about quotes. Turns out that the recently released USDA report on Michael Vick's activities around dogfighting included putting family pets in the ring with fighting dogs and watching the trained fighting dogs kill or severely injure the helpless pets.

Joey, maybe it's time to quit while you're ahead on this whole issue. Pit bull lovers are insulted, and dog lovers are appalled.

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