Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prop. 2 - for the benefit of all

As election day (finally) arrives, I'd just like to mention one more time the importance of voting yes on California's Prop. 2 - The Humane Farm Animal Act.

I've heard the arguments against the measure. Naturally, the majority of them coming from the pro-factory farming crowd and those who believe the best business is big business. But there are times when people really need to look beyond the hype and think about an issue on the basis of its merits. No matter how you couch it, animals living in the conditions that currently exist in factory farming, particularly on egg ranches, are living a pitiful existence. We have it in our power to change that if we don't allow ourselves to be driven by fear.

Opponents argue that it will make our food less safe. Let me tell you, I subscribe to the FDA's list of product recalls and most people have no idea how many products are recalled every week of safety concerns. Since most of the recalls are regional, and not national, unless you're in the affected region you may never hear about them at all.

Allowing farm animals to have one small concession in exchange for our use of them is the only compassionate thing to do. Now is your chance. Vote for compassion by voting yes on Prop. 2.

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