Friday, November 21, 2008

Still grinding on Petland

After two rejected emails I decided to go to the Petland site and see if there is another way to let them know that I'm way not cool about their practices (including telling me they don't like me without even reading my email).

Apparently someone got through to Petland, because at the very top of the site is the phrase "Petland responds to the HSUS".

If you're interested in reading what they have to say, head on over. What I found interesting is what they didn't say.

What they didn't say is that they condemn puppy mill facilities and are committed to never obtaining pets through puppy mills. They do not welcome people to report any concerns they might have about breeders who sell to Petland. Petland doesn't mention the words "puppy mills" at all.

They do, of course, reprint attacks made against the HSUS by the group Center for Consumer Freedom. You may have seen Rick Berman on 60 minutes some time back. If you want to see what CCF is all about, head here.

Yeah, those are the folks I trust to give me the straight story. After all, look who's interests become their interests.


Anonymous said...

HSUS is a sham animal rights fund-raising machine, not associated with local shelters at all. They steal money from the public who think they are supporting animals, when they are supporting a Washington, D.C.-based fringe animal rights group.

I do think, however, that Petland should make a strong statement opposed to substandard breeders. There is no definition of what a "puppy mill" even is, so tough to say you oppose something that has no definition. Plus, your idea that Petland should set up a "hotline" to report substandard breeders....good thought!

Paw Print City said...

You're entitled to believe as you will about the HSUS, but I will contend that they have done far more to the benefit of animals than to their detriment.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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