Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday decorating and pets

There are times I look at well appointed holiday homes, those places where the lights are perfectly hung and the tree are exquisitely decorated, and I fantasize about having ahome of my own that can show off the beauty of the season.

Then I remember our current residents and I begin to laugh.

Gorgeous Bo Kitty, featured in the photo, is nothing less than a wrecker of all things holiday. He never met a vase of flowers that wasn't worth chewing up or a wrapped box that wasn't good for teething practice. We gave up Christmas trees for good the year he managed to chew through three (yeah, three different) sets of lights within a week. Between his decimation of the twinkling lights and Weebs non-stop war against any bright shiny ball draped on the end of limb, it was obvious that the amount of joy we were getting from seeing the tree was far outweighed by the nonstop hassle of keeping it issues aside.

But after close to five years with almost no decorations to ring out the year, we think we may have a plan. The one place we think we can install a little season's greeting without fear of mayhem. Yes, folks, we'll be decorating the ceiling.

Or, to be more exact, the large beam that runs the length of the living room. We figure it's the only place that's left where the little buggers can't reach out and touch, well, anything. I even think I have a plan for displaying some of my pet-themed ornaments, which are some of my very, very favorites.

If we manage to do anything interesting looking I'll snap some shots and post them. In the meantime, if anyone else has stories of surviving holiday decorations while being out-manned and out-gunned, I'd love to hear about it.

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